We leave Port Olimpic and cruise south along the beaches for views of the vintage cable cars (built for the 1929 World Expo) across neighbouring Port Vell, Montjuic hill with its castle and the iconic W hotel at the end of the southern beaches. Then we turn north towards the long stretch of city beaches. Between here and Port Forum further to the north there are often many interesting boats to see on the water, sail boat races to watch, fancy super yachts entering and exiting Port Vell, sometimes old fashioned tall ships from the ages before modern vessels and very occasionally dolphins and pilot whales. 


As we progress north you will have a good view of Gaudi's enormous Modernista cathedral the Sagrada Familia, then Port Forum with its huge solar panel – the venue for the annual Primavera Sound music festival. Just past Port Forum there are the three towers of the old power station in the Brutalist architectural style. Of course all along the shoreline there the very popular and crowded Barcelona beaches full of people playing volleyball, while you have your own private space to relax in the cockpit with your refreshments or sunbathe on the padded front deck.


In three hours you can see the skyline in a more leisurely way and have time to swim at the anchoring spots. Once we are at sea it usually takes about 45 minutes cruise north past the Barcelona city beaches and skyline to reach the nearest spots where anchoring is permitted. The seas do need to be nice and calm for the boat to stop at anchor. It is almost always calm enough to do so but like anything else outside it is weather dependent. In three you can really take your time to enjoy the sea and sunbathe while at anchor. If you bring food and drinks, these can be consumed at anchor while playing music through the portable speakers which come with the boat. There are also masks and snorkels on board for your use. Of course we do not have to stop if you would prefer to explore the coast from sea a little further.


In four hours you can enjoy all the activities at a leisurely pace or go a little further afield up or down the coast. If you want bring some food and drinks this gives you plenty of time for a swim and lunch at anchor in the anchoring spots and maybe even a little snooze on the sundeck!


In five hours you could see the skyline of Barcelona from the sea, anchor for a swim if you wish and then carry on to make a stop in the port of Masnou for lunch in one of the restaurants in the marina. Six hours is recommended for a stop for swimming and lunch to avoid any rush. If you prefer you could bring a picnic with you and enjoy it on the yacht instead of stopping in Masnou for lunch which will give you the opportunity to journey a little further up the coast and the choice of more beaches to anchor off.