Fishing trips take place in the mornings and are from a minimum of three hours with a maximum of six people at a time. All fishermen require a license which can be obtained on line at:

We practice trolling lures, spinning and ledgering on the bottom with baited hooks. How much of each method is used on your trip depends on the conditions that day. We can cover a lot of sea trolling and catch bigger fish with this method. Often predatory fish can be seen at the surface feeding on schools of little fish they have chased there and this is a good time to try spinning. Fishing with a baited hook usually catches more though usually smaller species of fish and can be very relaxing if the seas are calm. The boat comes equipped with fishing equipment and rods for trolling, spinning and ledgering.


If you are booking a fishing trip you are welcome to bring your own equipment and bait and you will have use of the boats own equipment included in the price. Recreational sea fishing in Catalonia does require a license that can be obtained online very cheaply and easily. These are valid from as little as a day to several years.


The Mediterranean has been extensively fished but there are still plenty of Bonito, Mahi-mahi (Dolphinfish), Mackerel, Red bream (Besugo), Amberjack, Leerfish, Bluefish and Gilt-head bream (Dorada) among others. There are of course Bluefin Tuna although these can be so large that the phrase 'we're going to need a bigger boat' comes to mind. In any case Bluefin are a protected species and must be returned to the sea if caught.

In general we do practice catch-and-release for fishing trips but you are welcome to take one or two away for dinner if they aren't protected. Mahi-mahi in particular are very sustainable since they grow rapidly and breed in large numbers. They tend to appear in great quantities in mid to late summer, although there is the possibly of catching a few outside of the usual season.


The fishing in this area tends to be the best in summer into the autumn, dropping off again in late October or November depending on how warm the sea is. The sea starts to warm up again from March, at which point fish start to become more active. However I have caught some tasty Red Bream, for example, even as early as January.