Booking and refunds policy

All boat trips are private so it will be only your group and skipper to pilot the yacht for you. Reservations are made through the website and payment in full is made then. Once you have booked you will be emailed meeting information for Port Olimpic marina in Barcelona. You can also find the meeting point on the map on the contact page. If you need to change or cancel a reservation you can do so with at least 48 hours notice and receive a refund in the case of cancellations. In the unlikely event that the skipper believes the weather on the day is not suitable for boating then we will offer to reschedule. If that is not possible for you then a refund will be provided and 48 hours notice is not needed in these cases. 

If you are looking at reserving an excursion two months or more in advance you can also email us and we can reserve that date with no payment due until a month beforehand. 

Most frequently asked questions

If you would like to swim in the sea from the yacht this is usually possible in a trip that is at least three hours. The nearest anchorage where the yacht is permitted to stop at anchor for swimming is approximately 40 minutes to the north of Port Olimpic marina once we have left port. So it is not possible to get there and back with time for a swim in two hours. The seas have to be very flat in order to stop at anchor which is very often the case especially in the mornings to early afternoon, but not always. There are usually some masks and snorkels, along with inflatable toys to use in the sea. As swimming is very popular especially in summer so the number and type change. If there is something in particular you want please ask or you are welcome to bring your own too.

Refreshments are not included and you are welcome to bring your own. Alternatively if you prefer a third party caterer can be recommended who can make you a picnic to enjoy while on the boat. The yacht is stocked with glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery, etc along with a small fridge and cooler (will need ice if you use it). You are welcome to bring alcoholic drinks with you but please drink sensibly and in moderation. 

About the yacht

These are private boat trips. We do not place different groups together ever, everything is prepared solely for your enjoyment. The yacht takes a maximum of nine people aboard, that is up to eight guests and skipper to pilot the boat. This works out at approximately 800 kilos of passengers and personal effects aboard. More than this in number of people or weight will not be accepted for your safety. If you are a large group and think this might be an issue please let us know beforehand so it can be assessed. 

Further information

The weather in Barcelona is usually excellent for boating especially during the summer. In general the seas are calmest in the mornings to early afternoons when the winds tend to rise a little before dropping off again in the early evenings. So we recommend the mornings as the best time to be at sea followed by the early afternoons and evenings. Although most afternoons are very nice too there is a higher chance of ideal conditions at the times we suggest here. 

If you are interested in fishing we would love to take you. But please ask in advance so that the equipment is available and you have the necessary and easy to obtain inexpensive fishing licenses. There is a small extra charge for a fishing trip to cover the use of rods and fishing equipment. We do not have the facilities to cook your catch but some restaurants in the marina will probably cook it for you if you ask them. The best time to fish is in the mornings during summer and autumn. Please look at the fishing page for more information and a link to obtain a fishing license.