Sample cruises page added to the site

When booking a cruise a lot of people ask me what can they do and see on the sea off Barcelona and I am happy to give a personal reply to everyone to cater to their individual needs. Now I have added a samples page under the excursions tab so those replys can be personalized to focus on their individual requirements rather than making every possible suggestion. There really is a lot to see and do on the boat!

In other news we should a success fishing trip earlier in the week with a group of four - two adults and two children. We caught a couple and saw a large Sunfish very close to the boat. Fishing licenses are required from the local authorities but people under 18 do not pay anything for theirs so the kids fished for free. The fishing this year is looking very promising because of the mild winter. The water temperature is a bit chilly for swimming in my opinion right now but it is significantly warmer than usual for this time of year. So I would expect the fish that appear in the spring like Bonito to arrive earlier and get bigger from feeding longer in optimal temperatures. There are certainly fish to be caught now but many more over the summer and autumn when the sea can be 25C+ or 77F+.

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